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Cultural Enrichment Activities - Noritake Plate Painting

As part of the NUCB’s International Affairs promotion of Japanese cultural exposure, on November 25th, students on the Global BBA program were invited to a handmade plate painting experience in Noritake Garden, Nagoya City.

Japan is home to one of the most vibrant ceramic and pottery cultures in the world. It may also be the source of one of the oldest earthenware traditions, having begun around at least 12,000 years ago. The tradition has since spread around the world, displaying original innovations in technology, design, and materials in different regions of Japan.

Noritake Craft Center

The event was run in the morning and afternoon where full-time students and exchange students from our partner schools were asked to pick a plate of their choice, and paint freely using an array of paint colors. Students from India, Indonesia, and France participated for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Their plates will be fired and shipped to them in a few weeks. Check out their designs below!


Noritake’s history began in 1904 with a single dinner plate. Since then, Noritake has continued to make elegant and dynamic tableware in the same city under the same principles. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Noritake Co., Limited., Noritake Garden was opened on October 5, 2001 on the premises of Noritake’s headquarters, the very birthplace of modern pottery. The facility, located in central Nagoya, boasts a land area of 22,000 square meters.