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Welcome Party for International Students

After welcoming 70 new international students from 24 countries for this Spring 2022, just as Japan opened up its borders, we threw a Welcome Party for our 193 international students from 37 countries currently enrolled at NUCB Undergraduate School.

Holding this event at the International House (boarding site of NUCB International College, our brand new boarding school launching this September on our Nisshin/Nagakute Campus), more than 200 people gathered, altogether with students, faculty and administrative staff, to welcome everyone grandly. With both Japanese and international food, representing the diversity of our students and the location of our School, a strong connection was established between everyone while extracurricular activities were promoted to foster a strong and fulfilling student life on campus.

Over the last 2 months since this academic year began, the campus has been bustling with international students re-enabling the diverse nature of our student body on campus that leads to cultural and language exchange for the globalization of students' mindset outside the classroom.

NUCB Undergraduate School has a global partnership network with 118 partner schools across 51 countries with various short-term, exchange and double degree programs. Through these partnerships and programs, an important flow of students is established between our institutions that transcends borders for providing them with a diversified experience that will broaden their perspectives.