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HKUST joins our network of partner schools

Frontier Spirit means striving for excellence despite borders and going beyond them. That is why we are proud of our network of prestigious partner institutions. Now, we are pleased to announce that we have finalized a student exchange agreement with the HKUST Business School (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), bringing the total number of our partners to 120 in 52 countries.

The HKUST Business School, of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is one of the youngest institutions that has risen in a short period of time to become one of the most respected business schools in Asia. With a strong focus on providing an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to its students, the School offers programs from undergraduate to doctoral levels, with its centers of learning and exploration devoted to areas from Chinese business, Asian financial markets to Asian entrepreneurship and experimental business research.

Over numerous years, it has constantly consolidated its regional and international position, ranking World’s No. 1 by Times Higher Education in its Young University Ranking while being Asia’s No.1 (since 2005) by University of Texas at Dallas for research.

PIM network (Partnership in International Management)

HKUST is also a member of the PIM network (Partnership in International Management), a community of elite international business schools, with HKUST representing the highest degree of excellence and its leadership in business administration and management studies in Hong Kong.

PIM is a consortium of leading international business schools and NUCB (US & BS) is currently a candidate member; and this network aims to facilitate the development of international cooperation among members, fostering the development of joint programs, students and faculty exchange, joint research and cooperation among faculty members and researchers. Being part of this network enables us to also connect with other prestigious institutions across the world.