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An international environment on-campus《CESA》

Mr Takahashi, 3rd year student, Faculty of Management (from Narumi High School, Aichi Prefecture)

Mr Takahashi, a third-year student in the Department of Management Information Science, Faculty of Management, is active in our student organization dedicated to promoting international exchange between our international and Japanese students - CESA (Culture Exchange Student Association).

International Environment at NUCB

As well as a variety of overseas programs (international exchange, short-term programs, volunteering, and so on), NUCB also offers an international environment on-campus with students from over 50 countries.

  • CESA (Cultural Exchange Student Association): An on-campus international exchange organization that plans and organizes exchange events with international students.
  • SAC (Self-Access Center): A variety of initiatives to support students in improving their language skills, such as speaking practice with native instructors and special TOEIC classes by the Faculty of International Studies
  • Language Exchange Program: A program in which international students and Japanese students are paired up to teach each other languages. Participation is free of charge and open to anyone regardless of language level.

International friends from around the world

Through CESA activities, I have made friends with students from all over the world which has helped to improve my native level of English. I also continue to study English vocabulary for 10 minutes every day and my TOEIC score has improved from 440 to 830 over the past year.

Message to juniors

NUCB provides a fulfilling environment for studying abroad regardless of your grade or department. I believe that you will grow a lot by interacting with international students on a daily basis. I feel that it would be a waste not to take advantage of these precious four years of university life.

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