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Welcome Party for International Students

After welcoming 113 new international students from 42 countries for this Fall semester of 2022, we threw a Welcome Party jointly with our affiliated boarding high school, the NUCB International College to kick off everyone's new adventure in Japan. More than 230 people gathered, altogether with students, faculty and administrative staff, to welcome everyone grandly, fostering a strong connection to enable a fulfilling student life on campus.

With 270 international students from 55 countries currently enrolled in our School, the ratio of diversity in the student body has now reached a new record as our campus bustles with international students, leading to cultural and language exchange for the globalization of students' mindset outside the classroom.

NUCB Undergraduate School has a global partnership network with 120 partner schools across 52 countries with various short-term, exchange and double degree programs. Through these partnerships and programs, an important flow of students is established between our institutions that transcends borders for providing them with a diversified experience that will broaden their perspectives.

As Japan has now opened its borders in the post-pandemic world, the country is now experiencing a renewed strong interest as a destination for higher education.