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Halloween Party on Nisshin Campus

Our students recently held a Halloween party at Sora Cafe, hosted by CESA.

Halloween Party

The students of CESA, an international student exchange association, took the lead in planning and running the Halloween Party to increase the opportunities for Japanese and international students to meet on campus. Some students dressed up as clowns and witches, which started with a fun and lively atmosphere. Participating students talked about their cultures and enjoyed playing games at the Cafe.

What is CESA?

CESA (Culture Exchange Student Association) was founded in April 2015 as a student organization to promote international exchange on campus and they regularly organize special events such as sports days, cultural nights, tea parties, etc.


Located on the 1st floor of the Community Pavilion., the café is used as a study space and event venue, and students can enjoy fresh and healthy food options as well as authentic coffee and typical cafe style drinks and sweets.