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Attendance Policy (Nisshin Campus)


Attendance will be taken and confirmed in all of the classes as it is an important part of the university’s policy. Students must carefully check their attendance rate on the Course Monitoring Platform as it is also a crucial eligibility and selection requirement (i.e. scholarships, international programs, etc.). If the students do not meet ¾ or more of attendance rate in a course, that course will become ‘Incomplete’ (IN), for which they will not be eligible to receive any credits, and will result in -1 in GPA. Therefore, for weekday courses, students must not miss more than 3 periods for each course in order to be eligible to receive credits and grades. For weekend and intensive courses, the course will be marked ‘Incomplete’ even if you were to miss one single day. Please note that even if a course becomes incomplete, the remaining attendances/absences for that class will still be taken into account for the overall attendance rate.

Course Monitoring Platform

Absence Correction

If there is any mistake regarding your number of absences, it is possible to correct them during the absence correction period for each term; the dates of this period and deadlines can be found in the semester schedule. Should the students notice any mistakes regarding the number of absences, they must take any class notes or handouts from the day they were marked absent to the instructor and have him/her sign it. Then bring the signed notes or handouts to the Educational Affairs office in order to correct the absences. Finally, students must check whether it has been corrected properly one week after the submission of the request.

Bereavement Leave

Students should fill out the information on the ‘Notice of Bereavement Leave’ and submit it to the Educational Affairs office within 10 days from the day of absence, attaching the death certificate (copy). The number of days is considered as the number of consecutive days from the day following the day of passing.

Relationship Number of Days Procedure method
Parents 7 days Students should fill out the information on the ‘Notice of Bereavement Leave’ and submit it to the Educational Affairs. 
Siblings, Grandparents 3 days
Uncle, Aunt,
2 days

Authorized Absence

If you are forced to absent from a lecture due to an infectious disease, practical training, extracurricular activities that you attend on behalf of the university, or university events, you will be given a special aptitude as absent due to attendance. Thing. As for the procedure, except for the case of illness, you must submit the required documents to each contact and obtain approval in advance.

Type Reason Document Submission Destination
Disease Infectious diseases that NUCB listed out based on Ministry of Health's suggestion  Educational Affairs
Teaching Practice Educational training period and dates designated by the principal of the high school Educational Affairs
Extracurricular Activities On behalf of the university to attend competitions Student Affairs
University Event Operation of university events such as Sagamine Festival Student Affairs
Job Hunting Only those recognized as public vacancy at the university Career Support Center

Authorized Absence Due to Hospitalization

If you are hospitalized for 2 weeks or more due to an injury, illness, etc., or if the doctor and the school’s infirmary judge that the student will not be able to go through a day in normal conditions due to an infectious disease from the list above, you can apply for authorized absence at the Educational Affairs office.