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Course Registration (Global BBA)

Course registration

Maximum Number of Courses

The maximum number of courses that can be taken each semester is 10 (5 courses per term), which is equal to 20 credits (each course is worth 2 credits). 2nd - 4th year students can register for ‘repeating courses’ or ‘new courses’ that are available in addition to this maximum number of courses. However, they must be equal or less than 4 credits per semester.

Repeating Course

If you get a pass grade between ‘S’ and ‘C’ for any course, you cannot register for the same course again. But if you get ‘F’ or ‘IN’ grades, then you can register for the same course again in the following academic year; if it is an intensive or a weekend course, this rule will not be applicable. A fee of 3,500 JPY will be charged for each repeating course.

New Course

In case a course where you have received an ‘F’ or ‘IN’ grade is not going to be held in the following academic year, you can register for a new course instead; if it is an intensive or a weekend course, this rule will not be applicable. A fee of 3,500 JPY will be charged for each new course.

Limited Number of Registrants

If the number of applicants for a course exceeds the limited number of registrants, the students will be decided through a random selection in order to keep the class size within its limited number. The following students will not be given priority in the above case: Students who already have enough credits to graduate; Students who have received ‘IN’ grades in the previous year.

Registration procedure

  1. For newly joined students, the Educational Affairs will contact you by email regarding your course registration procedure 1 month before the semester starts.
  2. For continuing students, you will be enrolled in a set of course automatically.

Maximum number of credits

Year of study Regular course Repeating & New Course/Intensive Course/Credit Transfer System
1st to 4th year 40 credits
Spring semester: 20 credits
Fall semester: 20 credits
12 credits
Limit of Repeating & New Course: 8 credits
Limit of Intensive Course: 8 credits
Limit of Credit Transfer: 8 credits

Intensive course

Intensive courses may be held during the week in between terms, summer or spring vacation, usually as a safety net for the students from Year 2 onwards. These courses are mainly for students who have not received enough credits in the past semesters (due to ‘F’ or ‘IN’ grades, or if you skipped some Japanese language courses thanks to your fluency in Japanese). The limit of intensives courses that can be registered is equal to 8 credits for each academic year. A fee of 3,500 JPY will be charged for each course.

Casebooks & Textbooks

Hard copies of the casebook will be distributed before the beginning of the lectures. The teaching materials fee (included in the tuition) will cover the partial costs of cases bought from publishers, with the university covering the rest of the costs. Please note that it is legally prohibited to photocopy or share a case due to copyrights. The syllabus will mention whether a textbook is necessary or not for your course.