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Introduction to Management - Global BBA course

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Today we held the lecture of Prof. Sean's "Introduction to Management". Our Global BBA program is based on the case-study method where the focus is on class discussion and on the analysis of concepts in practical situations. Today's class theme was Innovation.
Overcoming numerous dilemmas is an essential condition for companies to pursue innovation and money is necessary to carry out that innovation.
In today's case, students were divided into three groups and carried out role-playing.  The team who led innovation had to ask for their managers' financial support, while the situation was that this innovation had already failed several times. The team of Managers had to negotiate and convince the new boss to increase investment efforts, but the newly appointed boss was seeking reliable investments.
- Innovators, managers and newly appointed superiors - While they are groups of people with their own interests, they have to overcome this dilemma to enable the accomplishment of corporate innovation. From the standpoint of the three groups, students overcame the dilemma through mutual negotiation and led to innovation successfully.