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Global Environmental Issues - Global BBA course

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For decades, the global environmental issues were ignored to a certain extent until recent times as the situation has been growing more alarming than ever. Having become a truly troubling problem in this decade, the necessary attention is finally being given in order to find solutions on how to limit the damages and consequences. The current and the future generations need to have a broad understanding on how to deal with this as it particularly concerns them and also becomes their responsibility to ensure a sustainable future.

Thus, our Global BBA program includes a course on “Global Environmental Issues” to make it a more comprehensive curriculum and to increase students’ awareness. This course, taught by Dr. Sunhee Suk, emphasizes on the climate change issues to explain the latest countermeasures introduced by international response, national policies and corporate innovation in order to limit the environmental degradation and to discuss how the future society can ensure a sustainable development.

During a session about the current environmental crisis and practical cases, the major issues were spread into 2 key groups:
- Population, urbanization and poverty
- Water resource, forest, biodiversity and air

First, the key reasons behind each issue were explained and illustrated with facts linked to changes over the of human history and important concepts such as the Global Environmental Outlook and Living Planet Index were introduced. Then, for each issue, the students went on to discuss by sharing what has been happening in their own countries as well as any experience they had in other countries. The diversity of the students make such discussions a great opportunity for everyone to gain insight into what and how other countries are coping up with the environmental issues.

It’s crucial to remember that each of our actions and habits, including mundane ones, have an impact on the environment in one way or another. Recently, the United Nations published a paper, stating that the following 12 years will be a crucial and urgent battle to limit climate catastrophe by keeping the global temperature rise to a minimum of 1.5 °C. Meanwhile, the Paris Agreement, effective from 2016, had an aim to keep the temperature rise between 1.5 °C and 2 °C. Even though the different might seem minor, it can have substantial and dire consequences on the planet. Although more efforts might be needed, it’s a feasible challenge and one that must be taken seriously.