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Online Course – A seminar to gain skills and knowledge

During Professor Yuji Ono’s seminar, the students work hard on their graduation assignment – case writing. Today, fourteen seniors together with the Professor took part in a discussion on their cases in order to correct mistakes and improve the quality of their works. Through this seminar, our students acquire multiple skills such as:

  • Expertise on marketing, business management and finance
  • Ability to apply knowledge into practice
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Creativity
  • Practical skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Cooperativeness

Develop abilities through mutual communication between the students and the teacher

Today we could see Professor Ono relentlessly throwing questions at his students. For them it was a great opportunity to reconsider and clarify their opinions in front of the others present in the classes, and it is through such exchange that the students develop various thinking skills. It was a clear presentation of Active Learning Method being implemented in the seminar, where the teacher was not talking one-sidedly, but rather urging students to think for themselves and thus letting them develop their abilities.

Acquire knowledge necessary to finish writing your case

In today’s class, the students learned skills indispensable for case writing, such as showing data in numbers, finding correlations between them and creating a correlation chart. The majority of them saw many cases today but had not written them on their own before, so they were listening attentively and made a mental note on how to create an objective and thorough project. We hope they will use this experience to write extraordinary cases.