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Online Course – Deepen your understanding by looking at things from different perspectives

Professor Takehiko Ito’s Logical Thinking Class is a discussion-based course where participants need to think from a position of a leader. They share their opinions on the aspects of a case you notice only when you are a leader, what measures should you adopt in such a situation and so on.

Today’s case

Today, the Professor used a case entitled, “Award: the assessment of N company in the 2015 contest”. The problem the participants needed to face was a sudden change in an assessment system (called Award), employed in a fictional N company - and the Professor asked for students’ opinions on it. They varied greatly - some people claimed that such an abrupt shift would cause unnecessary chaos and thus was not a good choice, others approved it, because it was a change introduced to improve company performance. Some even pointed out that there had been many adjustments like this in the history of the company, and there had never been any problems with them. The students in favour of the change were further questioned by the Professor – they had to explain what they thought about the contents of the change or how they felt about the relation between the company director, heads of department and the committee chairman.

Thorough understanding by looking from different perspectives

At first, many students focused on the issue of the pace of change, but owing to Professor’s abovementioned questions, they managed to see the problem from other perspectives. This is precisely what Active Learning is all about – cultivating one’s ability to look deeper into things through conversation with the teacher or other participants of the class. We sincerely hope that our students, armed with this special ability, will actively shape our society with their broadmindedness.