Tuition Payment

1. Successful applicants should make the necessary payments and submit the required documents by the designated deadline. Please be sure to refer to the "Admission Procedure Requirements"
2. Payment of tuition is valid from the day of the bank receipt in Japan. Please note that you will lose the entrance qualification if you do not pay the school payment or send the required documents before the deadline
3. We will not refund any payments once paid for any reason

Fees before Enrollment

  • Application Fee: JPY 20,000 
  • First-year Total Fees:
  • Spring Enrolment 2019: JPY 1,404,000
  • Autumn Enrolment 2019: JPY 1,441,000

This includes a brand new MacBook Air for non-scholarship recipients as well as your textbooks and club fees. The annual tuition after the first year will be 1.10 million JPY. This may change due to external factors such as consumer price index, improvement of educational research conditions, increase or decrease of treasury subsidies. 

Student Dormitory

We have dormitories available near our campus to those selected at the time of acceptance. For those that were unsuccessful in their dormitory application, there is a partnering apartment where you can contract directly with the landlord.


Sanbongi / Sanbongi Campus  / Sagamine Mansion (1 to 3)

Rent Monthly rent from 24,500 JPY to 34,000 JPY
Fee A utility cost of about 8,750 JPY per month, common service fee of 3,000 JPY per month and a dormitory fee of 50,000 JPY at the time of moving in will be be required
Facility Desk, chair, lighting, air conditioner, closet, coin laundry, etc.

Affiliated Dormitory

Name Rent Deposit  Area (Western) Facility
2 Green Heights 15,000 JPY 30,000 JPY 6 tatami Toilet, Bathroom unit, Air conditioner, Kitchen (gas), Washing machine (shared)
4 Green Heights 22,000 JPY  50,000 JPY 7 tatami Toilet, Bathroom unit, Air conditioner, Kitchen (gas), Washing machine (shared)

NUCB Scholarships

We have numerous scholarships, application based, merit based, and study abroad.

Those who have achieved particularly excellent results in the entrance examination will be divided into one of three categories for a scholarship, split over two semesters

Scholarship category 1. 900,000 JPY 2. 600,000 JPY 3. 300,000 JPY

1. Scholarship applicants are limited only to those who can acquire the "College Student" status of residence from admission until graduation. The scholarship will be paid after enrollment
2. Even if you are a scholarship recipient, it is necessary to pay the full amount required at the time of the entry. Scholarships will be paid after enrollment
3. Scholarship payments are made every semester up to a period of 4-years, and there are certain requirements for continued payment. Therefore, if the scholarship recipient fails to meet the requirements below after entrance, the scholarship may be suspended
4. The school gives MacBook Air computers free of charge to students. However, there will be a fee for scholarship recipients

Merit based scholarships will be given to around 140 students twice a year, who will receive a scholarship based on their success whilst studying at NUCB.

Study abroad scholarships will be given to those with a select GPA and English ability where we can cover flights, hotels, etc, up to 700,000 JPY depending on the program.

Mailing Address/ Contact

NUCB Admission Office International Division
4-4 Sagamine Komenoki-cho Nisshin, Aichi 4700193 Japan
TEL: 0561-73-3006
FAX: 0561-73-1202