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The tuition for all 4-years of study at NUCB is 4,874,000 JPY (Includes 270,000 JPY Entrance Fee). Our tuition includes a brand new MacBook Air for non-scholarship recipients as well as your textbooks and club fees.


At NUCB We have a number of unique scholarships available; application-based for tuition reduction, rent discount on housing, study abroad for exchange and double degree, as well as JASSO honor scholarships.


How can I apply for the scholarship?

There are no special applications to be considered for scholarship. All scholarships at NUCB are merit based, taking into consideration your entire application. It is possible to receive multiple scholarships, with the announcement made alongside the letter of acceptance. Pre-admission scholarships include; tuition reduction up to 900,000 JPY per year or a MacBook Air and discount on rent for NUCB dormitories. We will also nominate eligible students for the JASSO honors scholarship.