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The tuition for all 4-years of study at NUCB is 4,831,500 JPY (Includes 270,000 JPY Entrance Fee).
Tuition includes a brand new MacBook Air for non-scholarship recipients as well as your textbooks and club fees.


We have numerous scholarships available; application based, merit-based, and study abroad as well as JASSO honor scholarships.


How much is tuition at NUCB?

Those accepted to the program are required to pay 858,000 JPY (Autumn) and 864,500 (Spring) to secure their place.
First year total fees are as follows:
Spring Enrolment 2019: JPY 1,404,000
Autumn Enrolment 2019: JPY 1,441,000
Please refer here for further information

How can I apply for the scholarship?

We have numerous scholarships, application-based, merit-based, and studying abroad. There is no special application required.
You are also encouraged to apply for private scholarships in your home country.

Does NUCB provide any loans or grants?

No, NUCB does not have a loan or grant program.

Can I have my application fee waived?

No, all applicants are required to pay an application fee (20,000 yen).

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