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Pop Guitar Club

The pop guitar club is a band circle where you can freely form a band with your favorite instrument and perform live regularly. The main annual events will be the spring stage, summer stage, school festival, winter stage, follow-up contest . And once every two weeks, we hold a mini-live on Wednesday afternoon school on the wood stage next to the student cafeteria, alternating with folk song lovers and the light music club.

The word "guitar" is written in the name of the circle, but please be assured that there are people who play various instruments such as drums, bass, vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars, etc. There are various genres such as pop, Japanese rock, pop punk, old punk, grunge, alternative, melodic hardcore, etc., so you can play your favorite music. It's a unique and fun place for people who want to play musical instruments, sing songs, and love music. I hope we can improve our playing skills by watching each other's performances while having fun in a band.

Club information
Club name Pop guitar club Federation  
Place of activity Music village Activity time 2 days a week, 1 day: 1 hour
Annual schedule
April Practice October School festival live
May Stone station November Practice
June Practice December Stone station
July Practice January Practice
August Stone station February Party
September Practice March Practice