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NUCB Street Dance Circle

Come and join our Sreet Dance Circle, X-step (cross-step).

We mainly take lessons in various genres three times every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we are working to improve our level every day.

Some of the members are experienced, but most are beginners and after regular practice, we are all able to perform at welcome parties, and dance festivals.

In addition to the events within the university, there are many relationships with other universities, and some members have participated in national competitions.

Club information
Club name NUCB Street Dance Circle Federation Tokai Dance Network
Place of activity Clubhouse South Building floor Activity time 3 days a week, 1 day: 4 hours

Annual schedule
April Welcome party October Mitsumine Festival
May Club event November Buzz style
June Dance Missile Max December ance @ live RIZED
July Club event January Reprezent
August TDN Dance Camp February Cross Over, chase
September Circle trip March Circle trip