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International volunteer circle

We participate in local volunteer activities centered on Nisshin City. We participate in various activities such as cleaning activities, lectures, festivals, and exchanges with foreigners.

The largest event in the circle is the "work camp" held during the summer vacation. This is an event where you can interact and interact with foreigners for about two weeks while doing volunteer activities and forestry activities. Foreigners come from many countries and have various nationalities such as Korea, France, Russia, Italy and Spain. You don't have to understand English. All the people who come here are very kind because they are interested in Japan and participate. Whether or not you can speak English is not a big problem. If you are interested, please feel free to visit us.

International Volunteer Circle Activity Blog

Club information
Club name International volunteer circle Federation  
Place of activity Clubhouse South Building Activity time 2 days a week, 1 day: 2 hours
Annual schedule
April Solicitation for new students October Sagamine Festival
May Welcome party November launch
June Working camp preparation December Christmas party
July test January New Year's party
August Work camp February Chase
September Preparation for Sagamine festival March Spring vacation