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Archery Range

While a typical archery field has a range of about 50m, the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Archery Range has is one of the largest in the Tokai area at a range of up to 90m. Usually, most university students practice at distances such as 30m or 50m. However, at national competitions such as National Championships, shooting from 70m or 90m is also expected. Our practice area was built so that it our students can be ready for any game format.

A Word from the Captain of the Archery Club

The Nagoya University of Commerce and Business's archery range is one of the largest in the Tokai area. It is rare to be able to shoot a distance of 90 meters compared to other universities, and we practice in a wonderful environment. We practice in this facility daily and aim for higher heights. We will do our best to reach the top of the Tokai area and the national competition.