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Kyudo Hall

The Nagoya University of Commerce and Business’ Kyudo Hall was built in 1978; it is one of the largest in the Tokai Area. By making full use of the latest technology, it is an old-fashioned facility designed with to conjure up the image of a traditional Kyudo hall. It was built with excellent durability in mind. This Kyudo Hall has a two-sided shooting range of 60m and 28m, and is also used for official matches with other universities. In addition, it is fully equipped with lighting equipment, so students can practice at night.

a Word from the Captain of the Kyudo Club

This Kyudo hall is our pride. I think it's wonderful to be able to practice daily in one of the largest dojos in the Tokai area. There is also a long field so you can practice long distance. We also practice at night, and actively engage in joint practice with other universities and exchange games. We, the Kyudo club, are working hard every day with the goal of promoting to the first division in this dojo.