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Club House

The clubhouse is used as a club room for clubs and club activities. There are two buildings, North Building and South Building, and both have 66 rooms. The room has a size of 21m2 to 42m2; each room can be used as a space to raise morale of the respective clubs. They can hold reflection meetings after each activity and hold meetings to prepare for the the next game and activity. In addition to the department rooms, we also have two meeting rooms where the captains and heads of each department gather to hold joint meetings. There are also shower facilities and training quarters.

A Word from the Club House Management Committee Chairman

We manage and operate this clubhouse. Compared to other universities, this clubhouse has larger rooms, and I think that the equipment provided is very fulfilling. It is also unusual for each department to be located in adjacent facilities without being scattered throughout the university. I would like to continue to manage this club house, which can be called the “house” of club activities, so that it can be kept clean.