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Music Village

Music Village is a unique facility with five studios arranged in a fan shape. It is used as a practice area exclusively for Music clubs such as the brass band (our symphonic ensemble that has participated in national competitions), the light music club, the pop guitar club, and the folk song club. The soundproof walls in each studio make it possible for each club to practice as much as possible without having to worry about any other club practicing at the same time.

A Word from the Brass Band Captain

We, the brass band, practice 6 days a week in the music village. Since the Music Village is a bit far away from the facilities where lectures are held there is a bit of a sense of isolation in there. But that's why the sound doesn't reach the surroundings, so I can play as much and as loud as I want. I will. Also, since it is exclusively for music clubs, everyone can interact with each other and collaborate.