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General Training Center

The General Training Center is mainly used for traditional martial arts club activities such as the judo club, karate club, and kendo club. The training center is a two-story facility, and about 2/3 of the ground floor is tatami-matted and used by the Judo and Aikido clubs. The remaining one-third is a kendo hall that uses soft pine wood flooring, so that you can maximize the strength of your step, an important component for kendo. The second floor has full flooring specifications, and is used mainly by the Boxing Club, the Karate Club, the Shorinji Kempo Club, and the Table Tennis Club (a Tokai Student Table Tennis League First Division team.)

A Word from the Captain of the Kendo Club

Compared to other dojos, the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business has a very good floor feel, so you can step in forcefully without fear of injury. I can do it with confidence because I know the facilities are built to handle it. The director has also invited us to create a more welcoming environment. From now on, I would like to devote all my strength to daily practice and to improve my own ability. That way I can help make this club known by the neighboring schools as a force to be reckoned with.