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Men's basketball club

Nobuo Hattori, a former Japanese representative to the Olympic Games, is currently invited as a coach, and the coach, staff, and manager are working together to practice every day.

Whether you are studying, club activities, or working part-time, you can live a fulfilling student life because you can work without compromise. The atmosphere is usually bright and there is no stricter relationship, but at the time of the game, we concentrate our efforts seriously. Especially in the summer tournament, the 4th grader will be the last tournament, so I will try harder to practice the game more than usual practice. In addition, by jumping out of the Tokai region and conducting expeditions in Kyushu and Osaka, we are aiming to raise the level of each individual team as a whole by playing against national teams.

Men's Basketball Club Activity Blog

Club information
Club name Men's basketball club Federation Tokai Student Basketball Federation
Place of activity gymnasium Activity time 4 days a week, 1 day: 3 hours

Annual schedule
April Tournament match, new joy October practice
May practice November practice
June Osaka Expedition / Practice December OFF
July test January test
August League match February Chase
September Replacement battle March practice