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Guihua Zhao

Assistant Professor

Guihua Zhao


Dr. Guihua Zhao received her Ph.D. (Education) at The University of Tokyo majoring in Educational Anthropology. She is currently working in Migration and Settlement of East Asians and Educational Strategies for Future Generations. She has had various educational experiences in China, South Korea, and Japan. She began her current employment at NUCB from 2017.

Research Interests

Educational Anthropology, Asian Studies

Final Education

Ph.D., The University of Tokyo

Academic Papers

  • Guihua Zhao (2021) Migrants and Their Languages in East Asia. Annual Review of the Japan Society for Intercultural Studies 19 :978-4-86258-119-8
  • Guihua Zhao (2019) International Migration of Ex- International Students of the Korean Chinese parents and Their Children Education: Educational Strategies and Conflicts on Transfer. The Journal of East Asian Educational Research 7


  • (2017) A study of Korean Chinese who have studied in Japan and transnational social space in East Asia. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Co-researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Yu Minhao (2023) The advent of foreign ethnic enclaves in China`s big cities:The cases of Shanghai and Beijing. koyoshobo
  • Asai Takuya (2020) A Textbook for Childcare Support Staff. Ichigeisha
  • KwonHyangsuk,MiyajimaMika (2020) Korean Chinese Migration and East Asia: Research on the Trajectory of Former International Students in Japan. Sairyusha