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  5. 織田 由美子

Yumiko Oda

Commerce Associate Professor

織田 由美子


Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor of Commerce (Ph.D.)from Hitotsubashi University. Before joining NUCB, worked as an adjunct lecturer at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Hitotsubashi University. Specializes in consumer behavior, marketing, and consumer culture theory. I am particularly interested in the process of institutionalization in market creation, i.e., the process by which products or services with a negative image come to be legitimized by society. In recent years, I have been working on clarifying the role of marketing in relation to changes in gender norms using text mining such as SNS.

Research Interests

Consumer Behavior, Marketing

Final Education

Ph.D., Hitotsubashi University

Academic Papers

  • Yumiko Oda (2020) Outsourcing intimate lives: diffusion of practices while maintaining traditional norms—The case study of the Japanese marriage hunting ‘konkatsu’ boom—. Journal of Marketing & Distribution 23 (1)
  • Yumiko Oda (2020) Destigmatization of Consumer Practice through Cooperation of Conflicting Logic. Marketing Review 1 (1)


  • (2020) Outsourcing private life: How existing gender norms are maintained in the marketization process. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher
  • (2020) Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher