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Sanbongi Dormitory Voice: Oh, South Korea

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Oh, 2nd year student, Faculty of International Studies (from South Korea)

Our university offers international dormitories where both Japanese and international students reside - fostering an international community both on and off-campus where students can develop independence, a sense of responsibility, and diverse values.

Each dormitory is conveniently located for academic and club activities, allowing students to enjoy a safe and comfortable student life. We interviewed Oh from South Korea, an international student on our Japanese track who lives in Sanbongi Dormitory.

Campus life

The first time I came to know about NUCB was at a university fair held in South Korea. I decided to enroll because I thought I could receive high-quality education due to the accreditations and international outlook. I am very happy to be taking lessons with my new classmates and I will work hard so that I can get my dream job at an airport, hotel, or other travel-related jobs.

Easy to gain independence

I have been to Japan several times before, but this was my first time visiting Aichi Prefecture. Since I had no familiarity with the area and it was difficult to find a place to live in Japan while in Korea, I entered Sanbongi Dormitory, an international dormitory for females only. Most of the furniture was provided, making it easy for me to start my life, and the proximity to the school was another attraction. Also, the Sambongi dormitory is very clean as the kitchen has just been remodelled. I enjoy making Korean food when I am in the dormitory.

Unique Scholarship Program

NUCB has a unique student dormitory scholarship system as one of its student support programs. The scholarship is available to all students regardless if they are applying from within Japan or overseas, students can enter the dormitory from as low as 10,000 yen per month.