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International Dormitory Resident Assistants Voice

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We guarantee dormitories where both Japanese and international students reside - fostering an international community both on and off-campus. At NUCB Undergraduate School, we consider living together with students from other cultural backgrounds to be a critical part of the international experience - students with diverse social, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds, personalities and ways of thinking live in the dormitories.

Capable of speaking both Japanese and English, the RA's will provide support for the international students in the dormitories, holding networking and cultural activities and events, involving the students in the NUCB Community. This will provide the international students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of Japanese language and culture while fostering deeper and broader connections with their peers.

Great opportunity to meet international students

Hashimoto, 3rd year student, Faculty of International Studies

I would like to work in the mass media in the future. I have previously had the opportunity to research and report on foreign media and learned that different countries have different ways of thinking and customs, which affect the way we receive information. I realized I need to interact with people from different countries and have diverse ideas for my future.

In the past, I have had opportunities to engage with a few international students at the "English Cafe" exchange events held on campus, but the limited space and time did not allow me to build a close relationship with them.

Now that I am an RA (Resident Assistant), I am able to get to know the international community better, and I see this as a great opportunity to encounter a variety of ideas and cultures.

I am currently a member of the Aikido Club - Aikido was created by mastering the secrets of traditional Japanese martial arts and furthermore, through rigorous spiritual training, is spreading worldwide. I would like to take this opportunity to share the appeal of aikido with as many international students as possible.

Unique Japanese culture and events with international students

Shimoguchi, 2nd year student, Faculty of International Studies

The biggest motivation for my decision to become a Resident Assistant (RA) was to improve my English conversational skills. In the future, I would like to work in a job where I can have interact with foreigners, such as at the airport.

However, RA activities are not just about improving my English skills. We are also planning to invite international students to Japanese cultural events such as firework festivals, Hatsumode (New Year's visit to a shrine), Setsubun (Praying for a happy life), and other unique events in Japan. Through these events, conversations with international students will expand, and we will also have the opportunity to learn about cultures - We are excited about life with international students.