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Higashiyama Annex

Higashiyama Annex-Living with local Japanese students

This is a shared house that can accommodate 8 female undergraduate students (ratio of international students to Japanese students = 4:4). It is a good opportunity for international students to learn the Japanese lifestyle and other cultures through living together.

It is located in a quiet area of Nagoya, outside of the city core, close to Higashiyama park.

Comfortable living space

An individual room is allocated for each resident and there are two living rooms with a wide kitchen attached for each, as well as 2 bathrooms, 1 shower room, and 4 restrooms. The 2 large kitchens are equipped with refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and stoves; for the 8 private individual rooms (lockable), each is equipped with an air conditioner, a bed, a desk, a chair, and lighting.

(Capacity: 8 people / 2 stories)

Equipment and facility

Shared space: Kitchen (both gas and IH) / Refrigerator / Microwave oven / Washing machine / Dining table / Air conditioner
Private room: Air conditioner / Lighting / Desk / Chair / Safe box


  • Moving-in fee: 50,000 JPY
  • Monthly rent: 51,500 JPY
  • Monthly Housing Scholarship available
  • Monthly utility charges: 10,000 JPY
  • Monthly common service fee: 5,000 JPY