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Sagamine I・II・III Dormitory

Sagamine Dormitory-walkable distance from the campus

Sagamine II Dormitory

This is the closest dormitory to the campus. Both Japanese and international students stay here.

You can walk or cycle to the university, and on rainy days, you can also take the bus to the university in about 7 minutes.

Comfortable living space

The dormitory rooms are all single occupancy (1-room type) and include a kitchen, toilet, and bathroom. They are equipped with an air conditioner, bed frame, and electric appliances.

  • Sagamine I Dormitory: 24 rooms (11 square meters) / 3-stories
  • Sagamine II Dormitory: 29 rooms (15 square meters) / 5-stories
  • Sagamine III Dormitory: 24 rooms (11 square meters) / 4-stories

Equipment and facility

Kitchen / bathroom / toilet / desk / chair / bed frame / air conditioner / refrigerator / kitchen stove (Sagamine I and III: gas; Sagamine II: IH) / microwave oven / lighting equipment / washing machine (I and III only)


  • Move-in fee: 50,000 JPY
  • Monthly rent: I: 24,500 JPY・II: 27,500 JPY・III: 26,000 JPY
  • Monthly Housing Scholarship available
  • Monthly utility charges: 10,000 JPY
  • Monthly common service fee: 5,000 JPY

Sagamine I Dormitory

Sagamine III Dormitory

Sagamine III Dormitory

Sagamine III Dormitory

Sagamine III Dormitory