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Message from the Director

Director of the Faculty of Economics, Nobuo Kawazoe, Ph.D.

Our university started in 1953 with only the Faculty of Commerce.

From the beginning, lectures on Economics were conducted under the Faculty of Commerce, but due to the great development of Economics, the Faculty of Commerce established the Department of Economics in1985.

In 2008, the Faculty of Economics became independent and in 2014 we established the Policy Management Department.

As the main goal is to use economics to understand the fundamentals of commerce, we emphasize practical application in students’ work. For our lectures, most of the active discussion time is spent on the actual state of the market society. Moreover, for the purpose of giving students a sense of the practical application of economic theories, we have carefully crafted courses to teach the usability of those theories.

Secondly, we focus on encouraging students to be enthusiastic about new initiatives. For many students, graduating and entering society to work is nothing other than a new frontier and for those in their twenties, the job hunt will be the biggest challenge that they face. We as educators aim to encourage students and as we study with them support the challenges that they face.

Thirdly, classes, not just lectures and seminars, are specifically designed to encourage student participation. Our instructors are on the front lines to prepare discussion, debate, quizzes, games, and experiments among various other methods to incite student enthusiastic student classroom participation.

At our University, with Frontier Spirit as our mission, we are creating true leaders for success in global business.

I look forward to the many new relationships that form with students on this campus when the cherry blossoms bloom in April.