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Hideharu Isono


Hideharu Isono


Dr. Isono earned his Ph.D. in Japanese Language Education from Graduate School of Humanities, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan. He has taught Japanese and Sociolinguistics at Chung-Ang University (Korea) and Osaka University (Japan) as an Associate Professor. His research interests include Linguistic Landscape research for Japanese Language Education and Content-Based Instruction (CBI).

ISONO Hideharu's Lab

Research Interests

Japanese Language Education, Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics

Final Education

Ph.D., Tokyo Metropolitan University

Awards & Honours

  • (2018) Teaching Award 2017. Kurimoto Educational Institute

Academic Papers

  • Hideharu Isono (2022) Prospects for Japanese Language Education Research Utilizing the Linguistic Landscape. Studies in the Japanese Language (42) :0386-6084
  • Hideharu Isono (2021) Background and Framework for the Production of Video Materials for Career Education of Language Majors in Japan and Korea. The Korean Journal of Japanese Education (56) :1598-4311
  • Hideharu Isono (2021) A survey for Video Resource “Learning Elementary Japanese through Linguistic Landscape for Foreign Residents in Japan”. Studies in the Japanese Language (41) :0386-6084
  • Hideharu Isono (2021) The development of learning materials and courses of linguistic landscapes :The utilization of video materials/textbooks in intercultural communication courses. Journal of Japanese Language (67) :1229-7275
  • Hideharu Isono (2020) A Study on student's career formation of undergraduate Korean and Japanese majors. The Korean Journal of Japanese Education (53) :1598 - 4311
  • Hideharu Isono (2020) A Study in the Korean Language Proficiency of Indonesian Migrant Workers: Based on the Result of Mockup Examination of EPS-TOPIK. Studies in the Japanese Language (40) :0386-6084
  • Hideharu Isono (2019) Scenario for Video Resource “Linguistic Landscape for Japanese Language Learning”. Studies in the Japanese Language (39) :0386-6084
  • Hideharu Isono (2018) The Linguistic Landscape of Ōsu in Nagoya, District of Electronics and Subculture: A Comparative Study with Nipponbashi, Osaka. Studies in the Japanese Language (38) :0386-6084
  • Hideharu Isono (2017) Some Features of Linguistic Landscape of multicultural street in Ansan: City of Korea and its Background. Studies in the Japanese Language (37) :0386-6084
  • Hideharu Isono (2017) The Video Resource “Linguistic Landscape of Tokyo: the Present and the Future” Its Web-publication and Practical Use in Education. Journal of Japanese Language Teaching 166 :0389-4037


  • (2020) Urgent Investigation of Japanese Competency of Specific Technic Intern Trainees in Quantitive and Qualitative Methods. JSPS Co-researcher
  • (2020) Development of Teaching Material for Multicultural Society Using Linguistic Landscape. JSPS Primary Researcher
  • (2019) An Empirical Study on the Linguistic Landscapes of Korea and Japan: linguistic contact, uses in language education and regional revitalization. The National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) Co-researcher
  • (2019) Comparative studies of Support for student's career formation between Japan and Korea. JSPS Co-researcher
  • (2017) Research on Linguistic Landscape for Content-Based Instruction in Japanese. JSPS Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Yasuhiko Sukegawa・Yutaka Hukihara・Mahiru Matsuzaki・Hideharu Isono (2021) A Study of the Migrant Worker Communities in Korea. Hankookmunhwasa
  • Hideharu Isono (2020) Learning Japanese Language through Linguistic Landscapes. TAISHUKAN Publishing
  • Sunhee Yoon・Hideharu Isono (2020) Workbook for New JLPT N1 Reading. Dongyang Books
  • Usami Mayumi (2020) Pragmatic Approaches to the Analysis of Spontaneous Conversations: Based on the BTSJ Natural Conversation Corpus. Hitsuji Shobo
  • Sunhee Yoon・Hideharu Isono (2019) Workbook for New JLPT N2 Reading. Dongyang Books
  • Daniel Long・Seiichi Nakai・Soonhyeong Lee (2019) linguistic Landscapes in the Production of Urban Spaces. Jungmun Publishing Company
  • Member of Yonsei University Institute of Language and Information Studies(연세대 언어정보연구원 (엮은이) 편, 김무식・박지영・이소노 히데하루 다른 공저) (2018) Societies and Cultures of Korea, China, and Japan Reflected on Their Languages. Hankookmunhwasa
  • Hideharu Isono, Jiro Nishigori (2017) PRACTICAL JAPANESE COMMUNICATION EXAM Bridge. WeNet