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  5. 甲賀 真広

Masahiro Koga

International Studies Assistant Professor

甲賀 真広


Dr. Koga earned his Ph.D. in Japanese Language Education from the Graduate School of Humanities, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan. He did research as a JSPS PostDoc fellow. He specializes in Sociolinguistics and Japanese Language Education, with expertise in historical linguistic environments of Manchuria. His current research topic is Active Learning using Linguistic Landscape.

Research Interests

Sociolinguistics, Japanese Language Education

Final Education

Ph.D., Tokyo Metropolitan University

Academic Papers

  • Masahiro Koga (2024) An “Introduction to linguistics” course for the nurturing of global human resources: Japanese language unit. Tokyo Metropolitan University Journal of Teacher Education (8)
  • Masahiro Koga (2024) Multicultural Society of Hamamatsu City as Seen from Interview Surveys. JOURNAL OF ATOMI UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF LETTERS (59)
  • Masahiro Koga (2023) The Influence of Domain on Language Choice among Japanese in Former Colonies: A Case Study of Manchuria, Palau, and the Mariana Islands. JALALIDA
  • Masahiro Koga (2022) Effectiveness of 'Language Landscape Survey' in Promoting Active Learning for JFL Beginner Japanese Learners. JALALIDA
  • Masahiro Koga (2021) Did Kyowa-go disappear with the repatriation?: Examining continuity in the Manchuria contact language. NIHONGO KENKYU : Studies in the Japanese Language (41)
  • Masahiro Koga (2020) Linguistic Characteristics of Former Japanese Colonies Viewed as Plurilinguistic Societies : Case studies of the Japanese people's language experiences. NIHONGO KENKYU : Studies in the Japanese Language (40)
  • Masahiro Koga (2020) Language Experiences of Japanese in Gongzhuling of former Manchuria -Paradigm shift in the Language Usage Situation Spanning the end of World War II. The Japanese Language Association Of Korea 64
  • Masahiro Koga (2020) A Journey to Gongzhuling: Interview Record with Ms. Tsuchiya Hiroko. Oral History 15
  • Masahiro Koga (2019) A Case Study of Linguistic Environments and Identity as Revealed in the Manchukuo Andong-kai Bulletin ‘Arinare’. NIHONGO KENKYU : Studies in the Japanese Language (39)


  • (2022) A sociolinguistic study to identify the Japanese language problems encountered by elderly foreigners living in Japan and proposals for their linguistic resolution. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(KAKEN) Primary Researcher
  • (2021) Sociolinguistic research and linguistic proposals to alleviate the Japanese language problems of elderly foreigners in need of care. Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research(KAKEN) Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Yoshifumi sato, Tomohiro Kanno, Akane Oishi, Makie Yukawa, Takumi Mori, Masahiro Koga (2022) An Era of Collapse and Reconstruction: Japanese Diaries from Postwar Manchuria. Toho Shoten
  • Masahiro Koga (2021) Language Use of Japanese Residents in Former Colonies and Other Areas. Hitsuji Shobo
  • Sato Ryo, Kanno Tomohiro, and Yukawa Makie (Eds.), with contributions by Ando Kyoko, Iikura Erii, Yin Guohua, Ohishi Akane, Ohno Junya, Koga Masahiro, Sato Yoshifumi, Motojima Kazuto, Mori Takumi, Yasuoka Kenichi, and Lin Chih-hung (2020) Memories of Manchuria in Postwar Japan. Toho-Shoten