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Niculina Nae

International Studies Professor

Niculina Nae


A Romanian native, Prof. Nae learned English and Japanese at the University of Bucharest, after which she continued her studies in Japan at Nagoya University, Graduate School of International Development, where she obtained her MA and PhD. At NUCB, Prof. Nae has taught a wide array of English courses and seminars, ranging from English Conversation to English Translation and Interpretation. Her research interests are Translation and Interpretation, Internationalization of Japanese Universities, Motivation in Foreign Language Learning, and Gender Studies. Her most recent research is related to perceptions of Japanese undergraduates regarding a more active involvement of women in the workforce.

Research Interests

Japanese Literature, Linguistics, EFL

Final Education

Ph.D., Nagoya University

Awards & Honours

  • (2020) Teaching Award. NUCB
  • (2018) NUCB Teaching Award. NUCB

Academic Papers

  • Niculina Nae (2023) Can Japan Aspire to a Gender-Equal Society? Japanese Male and Female Students' Attitudes Regarding Marriage and Gender Roles in Family and Society. Forum of International Development Studies 54 (1) :2189-9126
  • Niculina Nae (2022) The Post Pandemic "New Normal" in Japanese Education. Euromentor Journal - Studies about Education XIII (3) :ISSN 2068-780X
  • Niculina Nae (2022) Study Abroad Programs at the Crossroads. Euromentor Journal, Studies about Education XIII (2) :ISSN 2068-780X
  • Niculina Nae (2022) Acculturation in a hostile land: The plight of immigrant children in Japan. Euromentor Journal - Studies about Education 13 (1) :ISSN 2068-780X
  • Niculina Nae (2022) Gender diversity on corporate boards – still a distant dream?. Cogito 14 (1) :ISSN 2068-6706
  • Niculina Nae (2021) Formative and Dialogic Interactions: Japanese School and the Role of Zenjin Education. Euromentor Journal - Studies about Education 12 (4) :ISSN 2068-780X
  • Niculina Nae (2021) Lessons Learned in the Year of the Pandemic: A Case Study of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business. Euromentor Journal, Studies about Education 12 (1) :ISSN 2068-780X
  • Niculina Nae (2020) Online Learning During the Pandemic: Where does Japan Stand?. Euromentor, Journal Studies about Education 11 (2) :ISSN 2068-780X
  • Niculina Nae (2019) The Plight of Women in Positions of Corporate Leadership in the United States, the European Union, and Japan: Differing Laws and Cultures, Similar Issues. Michigan Journal of Gender and Law 26 (2) :1095-8835
  • Niculina Nae (2019) Teaching English with the Case Method: A Tentative Approach. Euromentor Journal Studies about Education 10 (1) :2068-780X
  • Niculina Nae (2019) Japan's Cross-Cultural Kids (CCK) and Their Quest for Identity. Cogito 11 (1) : 2068-6706
  • Niculina Nae (2018) Domestic vs. Public Power: Japanese Women Three Decades After Equal Employment Opportunity Law. Euromentor Journal: Studies about Education 9 (3)
  • Niculina Nae (2018) Quo Vadis? Japanese Youth and the Burden of Living. Euromentor Journal - Studies about Education IX (2) :ISSN 2068-780X
  • Niculina Nae (2018) Womenomics: Who Will Work for Japan? . Electronic Journal of Japanese Contemporary Studies 18 (1) :1476-9158
  • Niculina Nae (2018) Is English-Only Policy Effective? - A Case Study from Japan. EUROMENTOR JOURNAL STUDIES ABOUT EDUCATION 9 (1) :ISSN 2067-7839
  • Niculina Nae (2018) To Work or Not to Work? The Dilemma of Japanese Women. Cogito 10 (1) :2068-6706

Book & Case Publishing

  • Ian Clark, Niculina Nae, Masahiro Arimoto (2020) Education for Sustainable Development and the 'Whole-Person' Curriculum in Japan. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education, Oxford University Press