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Message from the Director

At NUCB Undergraduate School's Faculty of International Studies, you can experience living English and develop the Frontier Spirit (pioneering spirit) that can help you challenge yourself over the course of your time here. We offer various programs to help students develop an international sense of community while also maintaining the Japanese spirit; in other words, We help students become people who can navigate the challenges of living in today’s modern borderless society.

The Faculty of International Studies has two departments: the Department of English and the Department of Global Studies. We offer a variety of study abroad programs that are available to students from both departments; We have also created an ideal environment for developing English skills within this university. We are affiliated with over 100 overseas institutions across more than 40 countries; We accept more than 100 exchange students from all over the world every year. Here at NUCB Undergraduate School's Faculty of International Studies, you can take business and other liberal arts courses in English, improve your discussion skills through the case-study method. You can experience an environment where you can feel like you are taking classes abroad.

I think one of the most important lessons from having experience abroad is learning as much from failure as you can from success. The frontier spirit we seek to cultivate is a spirit that will help us to find and face new challenges, and help us reach even greater heights based on the lessons of previous successes and failures. I am convinced that each of these processes will lead to self-discovery and enrich humanity.

I believe that there are four traits that are vital for success in today’s global society: "building identity", "maintaining global perspective", "having excellent communication skills", and "high employability". The key to successfully acquiring these lies in our ability to cultivate self-management skills that maintain a Japanese spirit while improving foreign language proficiency and cultural understanding. This kind of global human resource development is the very goal of education at NUCB Undergraduate School's Faculty of International Studies