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31st NUCB English Speech Contest

#Speech Contest #Study English #International Studies

NUCB 31st Annual English Speech Contest

On Wednesday, July 7th 2021, the annual NUCB English Speech Contest was held for 1st and 2nd-year students in the Faculty of International Studies. In total, 181 people attended the event at the Nisshin campus.

The ten contestants have been practicing with our faculty for over two months to learn how to convey their feelings with a personal story using natural gestures. The students have worked tirelessly on their pronunciation, intonation, pitch and pace to give a successful speech entirely in English as a speaker of a foreign language.

After all the speeches, the faculty members judged the contestants against set criteria with three awards available.


  • Judges’ award (decided by a panel of 3 professors)
  • Students’ award (voted by the students in the audience)
  • Faculty and staff award (voted by the members of faculty and staff)

<Evaluation Criteria>

  • Presentation Skill
  • Content
  • English Proficiency

Global Campus: Global Talent

One of the things that makes our Nisshin campus so dynamic is the efforts of students studying on our International Studies Faculty to improve their English.

We offer many opportunities for speakers of English as a foreign language to improve their language skills and experience different cultures, such as studying overseas, language exchange programs, and more.

With over 35 different nationalities studying on our Global BBA Program, students enjoy the fact that the global campus allows them to communicate in English making an enriching campus experience.