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Language Exchange on Campus (Japan<>Sweden)

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The NUCB Language Exchange Program is one of the most popular on-campus activities in which international students from around the world and current students at our university teach each other languages. This program is open to all students, regardless of their faculty or grade, and is free of charge.

In the second semester of 2022, 56 groups are enjoying the Language Exchange. Here is an interview with one of the participating students, Ms. Ando, a 3rd-year student in the Faculty of International Studies.

What kind of interaction do you have?

I teach daily conversation and commonly used words in Japanese to my exchange partner Alex from Sweden. Alex then teaches me English writing and vocabulary and she also helps me cover anything I didn't understand in classes in the Faculty of International Studies. We also enjoyed the recent International Student Welcome Party at International House and I could interact with many of her friends.

Message to prospective program participants

Through this program, I am enjoying practicing my English conversation skills. In the past, I sometimes used Japanese when I did not know what to say in English to my teachers, but I am now working hard to improve my English. It has also been enjoyable to experience cultural differences between Japan and Sweden and I think it is also a good opportunity for me to reflect on my own culture.