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Language Exchange on Campus (Japan<>Russia)

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The NUCB Language Exchange Program is one of the most popular on-campus activities in which international students from around the world and current students at our university teach each other languages. This program is open to all students, regardless of their faculty or grade, and is free of charge.

In the second semester of 2022, 56 groups are enjoying the Language Exchange. We interviewed Ms. Ishihara, a 3rd-year student in the Faculty of International Studies and Diana, an international student from Russia.

Speak English on campus while having fun

Ms. Ishihara - I participated in Language Exchange for the first time this past semester. I was surprised that Diana speaks very good Japanese. I can easily ask Diana about things I don't understand in English class or things that are a little difficult to ask the teacher.  We have plans to go to the cafeteria on campus to eat together and to an amusement park in the near future. I am glad that I can have more opportunities to speak English on campus while having fun at the same time.

Make good friends and understand Japanese life

Diana: This is my second time participating in this program. Last year I had an online language exchange from Russia with a Japanese student and we often talked about the weather because it was so different from each other. Because of our language exchange, I can now understand most conversations in Japanese and I finally got to meet him when I started on campus this past August.

This time, Ishihara-san and I talk a lot about clothes and beauty. It also makes me want to teach her more English. I am really happy to have participated in this program as it helps me to understand life in Japan and meet good friends.