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Message from the Director

The Faculty of Management at NUCB Undergraduate School was established as the core department of our School, based on our institution motto of “Frontier Spirit” created in 1935 by our School founder, Dr. Yuichi Kurimoto – the first Japanese graduate of the University of Alberta in Canada. "Frontier Spirit" refers to the School's mission to create leaders rather than followers, to nurture young persons who think creatively and independently and to impart to students the skills and qualities that they will need to become pioneers in the future. What is the pioneering spirit in the present age? It is to develop human resources with a broad perspective that is not bound by fixed ideas.

At first, one must appreciate that academic discipline of business administration aims at how to effectively it utilizes the management resources of the company, such as people, goods, money, and information, to enrich the company. It is very different from the viewpoint of utilizing (people, things, money, information). With the development of transportation and communication technology, the world is definitely getting smaller, and the opportunities to come into contact with different cultures are increasing year by year. The world's fastest growth in globalization in human history has been based on the world of goods (logistics) and money (finance). Then, with the diversification of transportation means, people (transportation) can freely move across borders even for people other than privileged classes, and with the birth of the Internet, information (IT) blurs travel time and borders themselves. I have experienced this firsthand by myself.

It is expected that this global society will change significantly over the next 10 years. When facing such a society, is it possible to run a company with the standard knowledge that a member of society has? While you may be lucky enough to be trained or experienced in a company for a sufficiently long period of time, the expertise that one company can acquire is extremely fragmented.

What should we do in today's society and business, where diverse values flow freely in this way? NUCB Undergraduate School’s approach to business management is based on the courage to doubt stereotypes by repeatedly discussing with the alumni how specific behaviors and failures of various companies were if they were the parties at that time.  I believe that it is all about gaining confidence.

Since the department of management is a place to improve professional skills, it is necessary to mobilize commercial science, economics, accounting, psychology, sociology, and philosophy rather than mathematics and statistical skills to prepare academic appearance. This is similar to medicine that deals with medicine, physics, chemistry, and biology.

Since it is such a wide range of academic fields, like medical science, four years is not enough, and so there is a two-year business school (graduate school) as a higher education institution in the Faculty of Management, creating graduates who possess the MBA (Master of Business Administration) in order to become a world-class management specialist.

Based on this idea, after graduating from the Faculty of Management at the NUCB Undergraduate School, all graduates will embark on their career paths knowing that they have received a top-level management (business administration) education in Asia. Our School is providing the best managements skills for graduates through an integrated education system that can be accepted as a special treatment at business schools. We have created an environment where we can do so, and so we ask for your continued understanding and cooperation.