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Collaboration: Sora Café × Maruzen

Sora Café × MARUZEN

On November 8th 2021, the stylish Book Café opened on the 2nd floor of the Nisshin Campus Community Pavilion. One of the most popular cafeterias on campus, Sora Café, and the famous Maruzen store have collaborated to create a space where learning and relaxation are fused, breaking away from the traditional image of a university bookstore.

A space to stimulate intellectual curiosity

The idea behind the Book Café is for visitors to spend time freely reading books with drinks purchased from Sora Café on the first floor.

The open cafeteria zone is bright and spacious where you can relax and choose a book by yourself or use it as a self-study space. There are also comfortable sofas available to meet with friends. Textbooks and reference books are available for sale as well as a wide range of stationery essential for university life.

Open to the community

The Book Café will also be open to high school students who visit the university for events such as Open Campus, as well as to the general public. In addition to books, we have a wide variety of stationery. Please feel free to drop by and visit us.