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A cafe on the 1st floor of the Community Pavilion.
We operate a cafe on campus in partnership with Sora Cafe, which operates cafes around Nagoya city. It is a space where you can enjoy delicious lunch and treats as well as freshly brewed coffee.


Opened in November 2021 as a relaxing space where you can enjoy studying and interacting with friends.

In addition to books and magazines we sell stationery, PC supplies, and other items necessary for campus life. We are a member of the online bookstore e-hon network, and you can order items that are not in the store by ordering online with free shipping.


Opened in 2009 outside of the convenience store, students can eat lunch or talk with friends in the bright and clean space.

Convenience Store (7-11)

Light meals, drinks, etc. are sold at the Nisshin Campus convenience stores (Seven-Eleven).

50th Anniversary Pole

The NUCB 50m high flag pole was installed in 2003 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the university.

Millennium Gate (Main Gate)

Built to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Kurimoto Gakuen and the beginning of the new century of the year 2000.

Expo Memorial Gate

This entrance/exit gate was built to commemorate the Aichi Expo. It is about 7 minutes by school bus from Linimo's Koen-Nishi Station, which opened in March 2005.

Prayer Room

A prayer room was opened in 2022 located in the Community Pavilion for  students, faculty and staff who needs to pray based on background of cultures and religions in an effort to serve the needs of increased diversity in nationalities, cultures and religions.