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NUCB Awarded Contract to Implement Business Exploration Program, Showcasing Expertise in Business Education

The Aichi Prefectural Board of Education, in its future plan for the reorganization of prefectural high schools formulated in December 2021, has emphasized the importance of "renewal to practical commercial education linked to the economic society." Building upon this vision, the Business Exploration Program has made a strategic decision to collaborate with private companies, including universities, in order to develop curricula and offer operational support. The objective is to nurture "human resources capable of independent action in the field of business," as demanded by local companies. To initiate this collaboration, a contractor will be selected through a proposal process.

After undergoing a rigorous proposal process, NUCB (Kurimoto Gakuen Educational Corporation) has been awarded the contract to implement the Business Exploration Program. Our university has a distinguished track record in the field of business education, notably with the opening of the NUCB Business School, Graduate School of Management.

The university has successfully incorporated the "case method" into its MBA program for working adults, utilizing contemporary business cases as teaching materials across all classes. Leveraging our expertise in the case method, we are committed to collaborating with the Aichi Prefectural Board of Education and prefectural commercial high schools to provide comprehensive support for the development and implementation of educational programs.

Business Exploration Program Overview

Program goals, implementation image

Our primary objective is to foster a learning environment characterized by "proactive, interactive, and deep learning." To achieve this, we will develop and implement curricula based on two innovative approaches: the "case method" and "problem-based learning (PBL)."

The "case method" involves utilizing actual management cases as teaching materials, enabling students to analyze and discuss real-world problems. By actively participating in finding solutions, students take charge of their own learning experience.

Similarly, with "problem-based learning (PBL)," students are encouraged to independently identify and solve problems while collaborating with their peers. This approach promotes critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.

Ultimately, our program aims to cultivate creative individuals who possess the ability to generate new value in the business realm. By fostering "proactive, interactive, and deep learning," we are committed to nurturing the next generation of forward-thinking professionals capable of making a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

We have devised a three-year plan to develop a comprehensive curriculum and implement it in each commercial high school, as outlined in the table below. Additionally, the Faculty of Commerce at NUCB has already introduced a similar educational program called the "Intensive Education Program" starting from the fiscal year 2021.

This program has been officially recognized and adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as part of the "Menu III Intensive Education Program for Human Resource Development Project to Support Knowledge Intensive Society." The education provided under this program is centered around engaging in discussions based on real-life cases and practical field experiences.

In conjunction with the "case method," our program also offers students the opportunity to learn through the "field method." This includes activities such as creating business plans, participating in business plan competitions, and engaging in internships at local companies. By incorporating these diverse learning experiences, we aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of real-world business practices.

We are committed to leveraging the knowledge and accomplishments we have acquired through the successful implementation of this program at our university to undertake this commissioned project. Our expertise will enable us to effectively support the development and implementation of the program in collaboration with the commercial high schools involved.

Introduced schools (FY2023)

  • Aichi Commercial High School
  • Ichinomiya Commercial High School
  • Handa Commercial High School
  • Okazaki Commercial High School
  • Toyohashi Commercial High School