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67th Sagamine Festival

The “Sagamine Sai” is Nagoya University of Commerce and Business’ Festival held once a year. This year, the 67th edition took place on the 19th and 20th of October and kicked off by an opening speech from Dr. Hiroyuki Kurimoto.

Echoing with the theme of the festival, New Story, New World, he stated that NUCB is developing a new story with the launch of the Global BBA program, more strong developments in our international partnerships and the launch of a new internal boarding school in our Nisshin campus. Furthermore, he humorously shared his personal overseas experience, unfolding the importance of thinking from a global perspective. It is indeed necessary for the current and future generations to think even more from such perspectives as the world is merging further.

After the speech and a fancy buffet, 9 of our international students quickly moved to their food stall and started cooking French crepes and onion soup. Knowing that the money they make would be donated to UNICEF, they worked hard to attract people to their booth in order to top the sales. Some of them even made catchy promotional boards, bringing them to other venues in order to persuade other stalls to come and try their food. Other groups did the same, which showcased a great spirit of unity!

Filled with dance performances, concerts, shows and around 50 booths organized by students’ clubs and circles, the festival not only enhanced the internal cohesion of NUCB, but gave the students the responsibility to run a small business.