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Fuso Case Challenge 2019

#Case Competition

NUCB Undergraduate School is delighted to announce that its team of 4 Global BBA students from Year 1 have emerged with the 2nd prize (shared with Tokyo University of Science) from the Fuso Case Challenge! It was the first edition of this case competition created by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation and NUCB Undergraduate School was among the invited institutions.

The teams were first introduced to issues plaguing mobility and transportation, the impact of those problems, and how sustainable mobility is becoming a popular response. As such, the teams needed to come up with innovative and sustainable ideas to shape the future of transportation.
Our team’s idea was to push public bus transportation towards mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) with a sustainable usage through a comprehensive smartphone application that improves the overall experience; which is of current trend as sustainable mobility and MaaS are seeing great innovations in recent times, creating a pathway to the future of transportation.

In case competitions, as a team, it is crucial for students to be able to understand the given situations and issues, to analyze the available data, to come up with innovative solutions by applying theory to industry practices, to string them together into a concrete plan, and to finally present and defend them cohesively in front of a jury.
Which is something our Global BBA students are used to due to their preparation of case studies since our program is fully taught through the case method. Hence, we strongly recommend them to participate in case competitions!

Our Global BBA program is built to give students diverse and enthralling experiences through any given opportunities during their study period, whether it’s studying abroad, gaining work experience, volunteering or taking part in competitions. And we strongly encourage them to make the best out of these occasions as one can learn and grow so much (on both personal and professional sides) while diversifying their portfolio.