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Collaboration agreement with Nisshin City for public transportation

Signing ceremony

Nisshin City and Nagoya University of Commerce (President: Hiroyuki Kurimoto) signed a collaboration agreement on public transportation on Friday, April 22. The agreement aims to utilize the existing school buses operated by Nagoya University of Commerce to further revitalize Nisshin City and its suburban areas, and to improve citizen services such as the enhancement of trunk lines connecting residential areas and bases.

Book Cafe, a place for relaxation on campus

Last fall, "Book Cafe," a modern space based on the concept of Book & Cafe, opened on Nisshin campus. The "Book Cafe," which also houses the Maruzen Bookstore, offers freshly brewed coffee, light meals, and daily lunch specials. It is open not only to students of NUCB but also to the general public, and is one of the most popular spots on campus where students gather. This collaboration with Nisshin City not only enhances convenience for local residents, but also makes it possible for them to drop by the campus more easily.

Collaboration between Nisshin City and NUCB

  • To create a society where people can continue to live their own lives in their familiar neighborhoods
  • Further revitalization of the community and improvement of citizen services
  • To ensure the livelihood of citizens through the cooperation of school buses and public transportation
  • To revitalize the local economy, develop commerce and industry, and create convenience for residents through transportation
  • Mutual utilization of intellectual and physical resources
  • Education, culture and sports
  • Student volunteer and internship activities