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Learning Support

Learning Support System

Individual Support

We provide careful individual consultation through the use of a comprehensive electronic database.

The electronic database confidentially holds all information about students, such as grades, attendance status, clubs they belong to, and records of past interviews. Careful support is possible because staff can accurately understand the situation of each student.

Student Support Contacts

Student Support Department handles consultations with students and saved all the discussion in the database for instructors or administrative staff to track. We also provide a private counseling room for those in need.

Educational Affairs You can consult about learning methods, credit acquisition, graduation, and etc.
Student Affairs You can consult about scholarships, extracurricular activities, student dormitories, and etc.
International Affairs

You can consult visa application procedures for regular / exchange students, university life of international students, daily life, and employment as well as studying abroad.

Health Center We manage the data from the regular health checkup conducted at the university to track students' health conditions. You can also consult with the clinical psychologist if you face mental health problems.


Q. I lost my student ID. Can it be re-issued?

The re-issuance fee is 2,000 yen. It will take 1 workday to re-issue after you complete the application procedure. For students in the Nagoya campus, it will take 2 weeks from the date of the procedure to re-issue.

Q. What kind of procedure is required if I miss a lecture due to a club activity/game/event?

Please ask for an application form at the Student Affairs, fill out the details, give the form to the director of your club for submission. Please submit the application at least 1 week before the game/event.

Q. Can I go to school by car or motorbike?

If you wish to commute by car or motorbike, please complete the registration procedures at the Student Affairs. A registration fee of 500 JPY is required. For students in Nagoya campus, you are not allowed to enter the Nagoya campus with a car/motorbike.

Q. Is smoking prohibited on campus?

In the Nisshin campus, smoking is prohibited on campus except for the designated smoking areas; while in Nagoya campus is completely prohibited.

Q. Can I use on-campus facilities for club activities?

Please come to Student Affairs to receive the application form, fill out the form, and give it to the director of your club for submission. Please apply 10 days before the date of use.

Q. Is there an insurance system for injuries during club activities?

All students are enrolled in the Disaster and Accident Insurance for Student Education and Research. Please come to the Student Affairs for applying for insurance benefits. However, depending on the duration of the therapy, it is possible that you will not receive the benefits.

Q. What should I do if I want to discuss health and mental concerns?

Please come to the Student Affairs or the Health Center for consultation.

Q. How can I apply for the National Pension?

When you reach the age of 20, be sure to enroll in the national pension. You can apply for it in the ward office. Please contact the municipal pension office for more detailed information.

Q. Is there a nursing service directly on the campus?

Yes, NUCB offers a nursing service on its campus at the health center. This service is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:20. In addition, NUCB also offers the possibility to students to meet a psychologist in the student counseling room who welcomes them by appointment.