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Active Learning Center

Built-in 1988, the Active Learning Building offers advanced technology throughout. With all students using notebook computers. The IT center is also located here to help students with any technical problems they may face whilst a student of NUCB. The classroom has a “Quarter-Circle” style which is popular among western business schools. A high lumen rear projector and 140-inch screen are installed at the front of the room. Also, a high-performance video conferencing system is installed for remote lectures.

Quarter Circle classroom style

Classrooms 8102 and 8103 are equipped with a 140-inch screen and a high-brightness rear projector. The front of the room is equipped with a 140-inch screen and a high-brightness rear projector. A high-performance videoconferencing system has also been installed and is used for remote lectures connecting the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya campuses.

Round tables are ideal for group discussions

Classrooms 8201, 8202, and 8203 are group type. Round desks are set up to allow teams to work on the same assignment in a group setting, followed by presentations and discussions for more in-depth learning. The tables are spaced widely apart and arranged in such a way that faculty members can easily move to students' seats.

Faculty meeting rooms

Conference B classrooms are used by faculty for meetings. It is suitable for exchanging opinions in a group session.

Information Office

The Information Office is located on the first floor. This office not only manages and operates the university's information infrastructure and provides support for classes, but also offers consultation services to students regarding computer use and supports their studies.


When you enter the Active Learning Center, you will find a large entrance under a huge pyramid. This area is used for various events such as the opening ceremony of the school festival (Sangamine Festival).