ISM Study Tour Japan 2017

Arriving from Vilnius, Lithuania on Monday, October 2nd, eleven students and one professor from the ISM University of Management and Economics landed in Japan for a week-long study tour with the NUCB Business School. During the first part of the tour, students of ISM visited traditional Japanese companies like Toyota, Denso, Toyota Tsusho and Brother Industries. The valuable experience of visiting Japanese firms on-site and asking questions directly to managers and employees is a significant factor in creating a global mindset for international students. Additionally, Associate Dean Professor Takehiko Ito conducted an academic lecture on "the Japanese way."

As part of the exchange of cultures and diversity enhancement, ISM students mixed with students at the main NUCB undergraduate campus in Nisshin and hosted a networking dinner with graduates at the Nagoya Marunouchi Tower Campus. For immersion in Japanese culture, students spent a day-trip in Kyoto visiting some of the most famous sites as well as participating in a tea ceremony experience. The final days of the trip were spent in Tokyo before returning to Lithuania. Thank you for choosing NUCB and Nagoya, Japan for your study tour destination!

Global Leader Program

100%英語で学べるGlobal Leader Program
In our school, the students who are International Regular students, Double Degree Program students, International Exchange students come from all over the world. And we have Global Leader Program in Nagoya which you can learn MBA in 100% English environment in Japan.