We have received the first report from one of our international students who is currently attending an exchange at one of our partners' school,ESAN - escuela de administración de negocios para graduados, in Peru. His journey has just started yet it seems very exciting life to be in the different culture!

When I first decided, I wanted to do an exchange, I knew that I wanted to go to either France or Germany. However, I was always leaning slight more towards France because of the language and the fact that during my studies at NUCB I manage to make some good French friends. Another reason to choose this country was because of the high standards their business schools have and I tough it would be really interesting to see how European business schools prepare the future leaders of companies that have been leading in their fields for several years now, like LVMH, Danone, Michelin, etc.
I took 4 courses plus language course over the entire exchange program and at EM Lyon, they have one term rather than two. Courses are generally studied over all three months, and they have a dynamic where they divide the class in two parts. The first half correspond to lecture and the other half group work or online learning or group work, very similar to the dynamic of lecture and group work in NUCB.
The courses I took were:
- Operations Strategy
- New Venture, Growth and Development
- Deciding
- Consumer Behavior
- Intermediate French
One thing that caught me by surprise to be honest was the different approach student have towards classes. The environment compare to what I was used to back home is more relax, I know understand why exchange students who came to our school would feel overwhelmed.
Even though it was a short stay I was able to find some time to have some weekend trips around France such as: