Japan Business Model Competition

The Japan Business Model Competition (JBMC) has been organized and led by Dr. Takeru Ohe for nearly the past five years in Japan. The competition is a feeder into the USA-based International Business Model Competition (IBMC) which is the first and largest lean startup competition in the world. Students compete as entrepreneurs while identifying and tracking key business model hypotheses (use a canvas), testing and validating those hypotheses with customers (get outside the building, and pivoting and iterating their business model based on customer interactions and feedback

Global Leader Program Team Reaches Final

The first day of the competition, Saturday, held three groups of semi-final competitions with seven teams per group. Three teams from NUCB made it to the semi-finals, but the Global Leader Program team that was led by double degree student Oscar Rodriguez (ESAN, Peru) made it to the final nine-team competition on Sunday.

Schools from all over Japan were represented - Doshisha, IUJ, Waseda, Tsukuba, Kyushu University, Osaka University, and so on. One international team from Brunei also entered into the competition. Team start-ups were diverse. Some companies were early-stage and some were already on the market with products. The winning team, from Tsukuba, was called "Gokuri" and had a market-viable product and all top three winning teams were based in the medical industry. Good luck to the winning team, who will go to the USA to compete in the final as the Japan representative!