11 Japanese students (3 students in their 2 nd year and 8 students in their 1 st year) have
passed our thorough selection process to take part in our Gap Year Program. They will be
going to European countries for research purpose while representing Nagoya University of Commerce and Business.

They are currently receiving training prior to their research trip in Europe at the beginning of
June in order to be fully prepared. This Gap Year Program will serve to go deeper in their
research theme, acquiring practical research methods, improving the students’ general
academic ability and language abilities. It will also improve their personal skills, such as time
and travel management as they each form their own formations and schedules.

What is the Gap Year Program?

At Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, there are numerous programs to go
abroad and this is one of them. It’s a 70 days program during which students have to
independently conduct research in Europe, based on their own planning.

Through this program, students can nurture their talent with a global perspective and find a
passion and hunger to go abroad even more, which will lead to finding numerous
opportunities in the following years to study abroad at our partner universities across the

At NUCB, students participating in the Gap Year Program will also receive a scholarship as
they’re living in the spirit of “Frontier Spirit”.