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Virtual Study Abroad Experience: Queen's University, Canada

At NUCB Undergraduate School, we are offering our students the chance to experience studying abroad virtually during COVID-19 travel restrictions. We interviewed Chako, a first-year student in the Japanese BBA Program at Nagoya Campus, who participated in a virtual exchange at the renowned Queen's University, a public research university in Kingston, Canada.

Unmissable Opportunity

Chako, 1st year student at Nagoya Campus

Chako, 1st year student at Nagoya Campus

At NUCB, there are a number of study abroad programs, and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to improve my English proficiency.

When I learned that even during COVID-19, there were still opportunities available, I decided to give it a try because it was an unmissable opportunity.

Virtual Study Abroad at Queen's University, Canada

I participated in this study abroad program for about a month in August. Classes were held in the morning and evening, and only on weekdays. We had assignments every day that we had to submit before the next class and we also had to make presentations and reports in groups. Example assignments included researching and comparing the current situation of Canada and Japan regarding environmental issues. I think this was a great opportunity for me to improve my English communication skills.

Taking on new challenges

As I took more and more classes, I got more comfortable with the environment and my listening skills improved dramatically. At first, I was not comfortable speaking in English, but now I take the initiative to raise my hand and speak without fear of making mistakes. Not only has my English improved, but I have also realized the importance of taking on new challenges.

From now on I am going to study hard so that I can improve my English vocabulary even more. I realized that increasing the words in my vocabulary will help me improve my English. Through this study abroad opportunity, I have become able to communicate with native English speakers which has given me motivation to take the TOEIC and EIKEN tests.

Queen's University, Canada