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Virtual Study Abroad Experience: Yonsei University, South Korea

Our university offers live virtual study abroad programs during the current travel restrictions to allow students to experience language study overseas whilst in Japan.

We asked Ms. Nozato, a third-year student at Nagoya Campus, who participated in the virtual study abroad program at Yonsei University (Korean Language Institute) in South Korea, about her study abroad experience, how she has grown, and her future goals.

Korean Economy Interest

Ms. Nozato, 3rd year student, Nagoya Campus

Ms. Nozato, 3rd year student, Nagoya Campus

When I visited Korea for the first time with a friend, I was overwhelmed by the development of the Korean economy. Seeing the cityscape, public transportation, and the buildings and entertainment facilities of Korea's leading companies, I felt that Korea's economy was more advanced than Japan's, and I became interested in what the difference was.

In the future, I would like to learn about the characteristics of the Korean economy and work in a job that connects Japan and Korea. As a first step toward this goal, I decided to participate in this virtual study abroad program to learn Korean.

Virtual Study Abroad at Yonsei University, Korea

In March of 2021, I studied Korean online from 9:00 to 13:00 on weekdays with about 15 international students.

The content of the class was mainly grammar and speaking, with students reading out example sentences and giving presentations using the grammar they had learned that day. The level was quite high, and I sometimes struggled to understand the content. However, I was able to use the habits of self-study and preparation skills that I developed in the case method classes, as well as my ability to speak up in class, and I remember feeling happy that my language skills improved in such a short time.

What I learned through my study abroad experience

Through the online lessons, I increased my vocabulary, learnt native pronunciation and enjoyed conversations in Korean.

Although I couldn't study abroad in Korea due to COVID-19, I acquired the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK I), which was my goal after studying abroad, thanks to our university's virtual study abroad program.  I aim to improve my language skills further and acquire TOPIK II in the future.

Next year, in my senior year, I plan to write a case study (graduation thesis) about a major Korean company and research the Korean economy. Based on the experience I gained while studying abroad and the research I did in my case study, my dream is to work in a job related to travel or study abroad that will connect Japan and Korea.